Saturday, December 10, 2011


The other day I was feeling like I was forgetting something. 
Do I need more formula? No.
Did I leave laundry in the dryer?  No, that's not it. 
Oh crap, I left the iron on! I admit, I laughed after this thought- silly self, you don't iron!

What could it be? The kiddos are fed and happy.
The dog set up camp in a sunny spot on the foyer floor.
Josh was watching football and cheering (or cursing depending on plays) while drinking a beer.

The blog! I'm totally forgetting about the blog!
Before P2 was born I used to aim to blog about once a week.  However, now that my life has taken a different shape, it is not possible for me to stick to that odd self imposed requirement.

SBG is 5 months old.  She coo's and scream/screeches at us-some times its happy other times it is something quite different than happy.  We call her "The Boss."

She has had major blow out diapers and recently started eating- nay thoroughly enjoying baby food- carrots seem to be her favorite. 

SBG can sit on her own in a tripod fashion and she will roll over, but only if she is in the mood.  Her favorite pass times include watching Pman bounce around the room, blowing raspberries and taking baths.

When Pman was her age, I felt like each one of these things were blog-worthy.  Everything single little movement or development or discovery was something everyone in the blogesphere should and wanted to know about.  For that I will apologize.  I now realize I wrote way too much about my infant son's poop.

All babies meet these milestones and in the bigger picture of milestones, these are kind of small potatoes.  Walking, talking, learning letters, singing songs- those are the biggies.  I love and appreciate my time with her in a way I was not able to when Pman was her age because I am so much calmer this time.

I know her baby moments are fleeting and I do not need to document every second via online journaling.  These moments are best enjoyed in real time.

I just hope when she is older and reading these silly blog entries she does not feel slighted.  I hope she understands when Pman was a Weeman, he had no other competition for blog entries, which is why they were all about him. 

And truthfully SBG, you keep me on my toes a bit more than P1 did, so who has time to blog at least once a week.

Rest assured Missy Messy Face, I foresee many (many) blog entries as you grow, develop and continue to generally boss the rest of us around.


Nancy C said...

Yup. That's how it works. Joel barely registered on my blog for the first year of his life. Sigh.

mom said...

I love your blog but I certainly understand your inability to keep as current as you did with Pman