Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Squirrely Past

One day when I was about Pman's age I was "helping" my mom bring in groceries.  In my memory it was a snowy day.  We lived in a townhouse with a smallish concrete front porch.
As my mom opened the door, a squirrel ran passed us both and into the house.

I ran through the front door and directly out the backdoor onto the deck.  As I barreled through the living room, dining room and kitchen I screamed, "Call me when he's out."

I'm not quite sure what went down at that point.  I think my mom called my dad from the kitchen.  I seem to remember some furry drama in the upstairs bathroom.  Perhaps the living room curtains were torn. 

It's all pretty vague since I spent the entire time on the deck, likely crying, imaging the animal was eating my mom.

She finally got the rodent out by leaving a trail of nuts, or seeds, or gold toward the front door.

Sucker Squirrel.

A couple years later, after we moved to a single family home that backed to the woods, my dad befriended another squirrel.  My dad was, and still is, convinced it was always the same squirrel who came to our deck every morning for breakfast.

My dad even bought this animal, this wild animal, peanuts at the grocery store.  He also gave the squirrel a name, Squirrely George. 

I'm not sue exactly how it all came to an end. 

We lived in that house for about 8 years.  Squirrely George did not move with us.  I'm not sure if my dad provided Squirrely G with a large ration of nuts before we left, or slowly weened him so our absence would be less of a shock to his mooching system.

Most recently, Pman and CBL started throwing breadcrumbs, apple peels and other little food bits out on our deck for the birds. 

I have to admit, I kind of hate this new trend.  Our deck is practically in the woods.  I'm afraid we will befriend the critters a bit too much and that will be most problematic when we try to eat dinner on the deck this summer.

Alas, the kiddos get a huge kick out of it, so I am not waging my war on the woodland creatures just yet.  However, we do seem to have a new family "pet".

Squirrely George: Revisited 
He comes everyday at lunch time and leaves his apple peel scraps behind.  I guess we feed the squirrel who feeds the tiny birds.  Fantastic.  Guess I need to go buy some extra apples.

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lynsey said...

LOL Dad and wild animals.... some may be surprised he bought Squirrely George any treats, but this is a man who made salmon for the stray cats, why? "Because they had chicken last night" hahaha If he could have, Squirrely George would prob would have loved to follow us (Dad) to BA. I'm glad a new member of the Squirrely clan has carried on the tradition...