Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Nuggets of Evil

The two worst foods ever are raisins and cole slaw.  I have even seen the two mixed together, which is beyond the boundaries of vile.

I am convinced these are the worst two foods because every time I say this to someone, they will always agree that at least one of them is gross.

BL does not like slaw, but does love a good raisin.  Yogurt covered or  otherwise. 

Monday night she was sitting at the bottom of the steps [some how] enjoying a bowl of raisins from her travel, no spill bowl.  We were trying to make our way out the door for Pman's Taw Kwon Do lesson.

While I was putting on my boots, I noticed I was not wearing my wedding rings, so I ran upstairs to get them.  As I ascended the steps I shouted to the kiddos to put on their shoes and jackets.

On my trip back down the steps to the foyer, I fell.
As I was falling, I thought, "Whhaaa?"  and "How is this happening?"

I never actually fell down, but instead seemingly skated down the last four steps via my big toe. 

I saw white heat in front of my eye.  Blinding, aching pain. After the forward motion stopped, I slid down the wall and sat in a heap at the bottom of the steps. I could hear Pman ask, "Are you okay, Mommy?

As I put my hand up in the air to signal, "I'm fine.  I just need a second." I glanced up the steps and what was there, but the travel bowl of BL's raisins. 

Raisins, nuggets of pure evil.

In order to see what damage was done, I pulled off my sock.  My big toe, which usually is straight in line with all the others, was  now hiding behind my second toe. 

Bend in such a way that I was instantly woozy and had to put my sock back on immediately and quick!

I sat there still silent, trying to breath. 
BL started to cry. 
Pman started to cry. 

I realized I needed to let them know I was actually okay.  So I called Josh, told him to meet us at Tae Kwon Do.  Then I slipped everyone into their jackets, grabbed my keys and drove to practice.

Finally around 9:15 in the evening, I went to Urgent Care to confirm what I knew to be true.

Transverse fracture of the big toe. Meaning I broke the bone all the way across, one clean cut.  I could not have done it better if I had used a knife (or some other medical instrument they use to cut bone evenly).
 Now, I need to go see an Orthopedic doc and not run for quite some time.  I fear I may become meatball sized since the holidays are upon us.

In related news, raisins are now banned from the house, for all time.

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lynsey said...

That SUCKS! At the very least, you don't have to take off from running alone, we can get back into it together once you're all healed up!