Monday, December 23, 2013

One Good Turn

This Christmas I wanted to do a little experiment and once again, Pman was my unknowing guinea pig.

I recently listened to an audio book called, "The Secrets of a Happy Families" by Bruce Feiler.  I was hoping to find some....things...I could use in my classes since some chapters center around family dymanics.

In the book, Feiler mentioned children and money.  Mostly in relation to helping them figure out how to save, spend and donate what they earn.  Along with this was a bit about holiday spending and shopping- yes for kids, which inspired my latest idea.

Near my parents house there is a huge, and I mean huge, craft show the week after Thanksgiving.  It's pretty much the same stuff every year.  Melted down, flattened wine bottles to serve as a cheese plate.  Handmade tutus. Any kind of wood craft you could ever want (or not want).  Sparkly beaded jewelry on stretchy string. Decorative toilet paper roll holders. Cute, but generally useless, junk.

So the day after Thanksgiving, I sent Pman, armed with my mom and $20 to the Craft Fair to buy gifts for J, BL and me.  I told him he was allowed to keep whatever money was left over.

After purchasing all three gifts he had $2 left. 

The gifts are safely hidden at my parents house and he will wrap them we we go there to celebrate Christmas.

I have no idea what he bought any of us.

Last week, when I was changing the sheets on the beds, I noticed something was off about our bed.  It was dippier and curvier than usual.  I sat on it and I sunk more than I ever have before.

As I lifted the box spring I saw the cause. All three horizontal slats on our king sized bed were cracked as a result of two little children jumping on the bed.

Cracked is perhaps a bit understated. There were all bend like accordions.  They were so misshaped that J did not even need a screwdriver, or any tool really to remove them.  We were able to just pick them up and take them out.

Our mattress is still resting on the box spring, which is nestled between the head and foot boards.  We are sort of sleeping on a cot.  When I swing my legs over to get out of bed, my knees are actually level with my chest (or at least it feels that way). 

What are the chances Pman either bought us a new bed from the craft fair or at the very least three long 2x4's?

Answer: Pman got BL a very cool puzzle thing and spend half his lot on her alone.  Truth be told, he can totally "share" this with her.  I got cupcake dangle earrings.  J got a pack of dog themed air fresheners.

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lynsey said...

LOL I know what he got you all! Ummm... you'll def. be surprised. that is all I will say (but if you guess I'll tell you lol I kid)... Sorry about the bed :/