Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Scientific Theory vs. Dr. Seuss

The other day The P's and I were watching "Wall-E".

Out of no where Pman says, "We aren't real."

Lately he has been asking about what is real and what is not.  We have had lots of conversations about fiction and nonfiction books and stories.

About how some authors use things that really happen, like an event in history, but blend it with something that did not actually happen.

So when he said, "We aren't real." I thought he was talking about the movie were were watching with begins with the destruction of Earth, sort of in a junk yard like state.

I explained that we are real.  I am really here.  He was really eating a snack.  BL was really picking her nose.

He kind of dropped it, but I could tell he was still thinking. He is always still thinking.  I asked him what he meant exactly.

This is what he said, "We aren't real.  We are just part of a show.  When one persons turns off the show, we just pop up somewhere else. On a different TV."

For the record he says" the show" is funny, BL says it is scary.

After this epiphany, he directed his attention back to the robot on the movie, and I sat on the couch across from him. Stunned.

I sent a group message to two people; my sister who is a research junkie and my sister in law who is an high school science teacher.  Both of them immediately responded by telling me there is a theory that supports what he, my FIVE YEAR OLD, said.  It's called Multiverse Superstring Theory.  There several are TED talks that explain what it's all about- the continuum of existence and our place on the spectrum.

Here I was flashing to "Horton Hears a Who", which he has never read either, so still pretty remarkable.

What is in store for you Pman?  I hope I can keep up.

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