Tuesday, February 26, 2008

It starts...

This is the original Confessions of a Minivan Lover. It was sent out about a month and a half before I was pregnant.

Wrote 8/23/07
Hello! I haven't spoke to some of you in a while, others have had the pleasure of conversing with me on a more regular basis. You, lucky ducks you! Anywoo, I feel the need to share something with you all. Josh and I ...no no we aren't pregnant!...but we each had to take our cars into the shop this week. Long story, totally unrelated issues. All of this was rather last minute and we needed a rental car and quick! We ended up with a Dodge Grand Caravan! Those of you not "in the know" this is a .....min...mini....miniva...MINIVAN!

(I am allowing space here for you to reread that, let it process and move on)

I have driven said minivan a few times. As if that wasn't bad enough...I. actually. love. it. I love driving a minivan! I think I all of the sudden turned 37 and I am afraid at some point, possibly very soon, I am going to start wearing aquanet and inappropriately red lipstick to the grocery store. God, help me if Josh and I start wearing matching sweater vests and throwing co-ed tupperware parties! Front-butt jeans here I come!

Wrote 12/20/07

Onto to the new news:Some of you may have heard through the grapevine, for others this make knock you off your rocker... Josh and I, well more me than Josh, are pregnant! We are due at the end of June/ beginning of July, which means I am almost to the end of my first trimester. We went to our first sonogram yesterday and the lady said the baby is doing very well. He/she was kicking and wiggling all around, the baby not the nurse. It was truly the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It literally took my breath away. I think Josh is still in shock and I will report back about his reaction when he comes back to earth. Anyway, we could not be happier and to leave you with a little insight in how we are going to handle parenthood, I leave you with this. When I told Josh we were going to have a baby he said, "Do you think it will like me?” To which I replied, "Probably not."

Love you
Nikki, Josh and baby :)


Wrote 2/7/07

For those of you who may not know the story behind the minivan lover title, I will provide a brief description at the bottom of this message. I think by now you all are aware that Josh and I are going to be having a baby this summer, round about July 2 or so. (Although I must admit, I really would love for it to be July 4, how cool would it be to have fireworks every year for your birthday!?).
Anyway, yesterday Josh and I went to our second sonogram and found out that we will soon be the parents of a sweet little baby....boy!!! I know some of you are probably reading this thinking of people you know who had a sonogram and were told they were having one gender, but ended up with the opposite gender. Well, I am here to tell you that this little bean is, for sure, without the slightest shadow of doubt, a boy. The technician lady said, "Here's one leg, here's the other, can you guess what the baby is?" There was no mistaking, we are having a boy!
We are completely thrilled. Josh has no, and I mean NO, experience with babies and I think he was feeling a little nervous about a new baby and that baby potentially being a girl. I have always wanted boy first too, I need someone to protect my little princess who I'm sure will be here at some point down the road. When the tech. confirmed yes that was a wee-wee not a hoo-hoo and we were having a boy, Josh jumped up out of his chair as if he himself alone won the Super Bowl.
The typical next question involves names. We are thinking, Thore or Rufus. Kidding, kidding. We are fairly sure his name will be Parker Scott Phillips.
I am also getting the question of what my "theme" is going to be. My theme is "I'm having a freaking baby and too stressed out about picking the right car seat than to worry about whether to buy trucks or boats." The sub theme is "I need to sell my freaking house and quick!"Although, I do really like the colors brown (like a mossy brown) and green (minty/sagey) so maybe I am developing a theme...
We are very excited and it's so amazing to know I'm going to have this new little man in my life and I GET TO MOLD HIM! :)
Love to all

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