Thursday, April 17, 2008

2 Things

Thing #1
Last weekend Josh was touching up the paint in our house because we have an Open House this weekend. For those of you who are not aware, I found out I was pregnant about 2 weeks after our house went on the market.
This process has been "fun" to say the least.
Anyway, back to the story, Josh was painting and I have been warned that I am not to be around the paint in any way. Apparently just breathing in the faint fumes of drying paint will cause Parker to have a third eye or something.
So while, Josh painted, I cleaned the third floor, which is our entire bedroom and master bathroom.

Wait a minute, I'm allowed to breath in Pledge, but not paint?! ..oooOOook.

I was also organizing our closet a bit because I could never find my big, fat tent-like maternity clothes, which seemed to always get stuck behind something smaller and cuter in closet. Don't ask me how that happens...but I hate it.

Anyway, I did something that almost brought me to tears. Josh does not understand! So I will share with you since most of you are either a) women and/or b) have been pregnant before and therefore will surely understand.

I had to pack away some of the wintry maternity clothes that I will not wear again until I am pregnant again. I LOVE...LOVE being pregnant. I am nearly the end of my pregnancy and I can still say I LOVE it. There is something spiritual and maternal and cycle of life about it.

I just hope the moths don't get to the clothes before baby #2 comes.

Thing #2
About 3 weeks ago, Josh hurt his hand in rugby practice. He went an entire week of driving a manual vehicle and typing at work (he is a writer/editor). Finally a week after the injury he decides to go to the emergency room.
After waiting 2 hours we saw a doctor. When Josh explained how long ago he actually hurt his hand and what he does for a living, both the doctor and I laughed out loud...LOL I believe it is.
In the end Josh had nothing more than a contusion...a fancy name for a bruise.

Flash to this past Tuesday, Josh calls me on his way home from rugby practice, just a mere week after the ER-bruised hand visit, and tells me he is on his way to the hospital. Apparently, Mr. Phillips broke his finger in a teammates shirt as said teammate was running past him. After another 2 hours in the ER he came home with a prescription for Vicodin/Hydrocodone and a splint on his left hand. My man broke his wedding ring finger! Nice work. Just when your wife is at/nearing her peak pregnancy fat-ness, he is wedding ring-less.

The next day he had to go to a finger doctor and got another Rx for Vicodin/Hydrocodone. Rite Aid refused to fill it. (He may have to get surgery too because apparently he torn the tendons in the finger too...great...more painkillers for Mr. Phillips.)

I fear that Josh is quickly developing a reputation in Calvert County as someone who has drug-seeking behavior. I fear what ramifications this will have come Parker's arrival.
Will Josh's name be red flagged in the hospital's system?
Will he be allowed in the labor/delivery room or will they suspect that he will take my drugs from me for his own enjoyment?
Will they send me home sans necessary painkillers, again for fear they will be aiding and abetting Mr. Phillips drug habit?

I need some ice cream....

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