Tuesday, April 8, 2008

True Confessions

Since this blog has the word confessions in the title, I suppose it is only appropriate that I make an actual, honest confession. This rocked my world about a week ago. I have had some time to come to grips with it and I think I am ready to share it with you lovely people. Don't worry, it's probably not going to be as scary to you as it (still) is to me.

Here goes...

I went to the OB last week. This was the first time I had gone in 5 weeks as she was on vacation somewhere, dodging my plethora of questions. She walks in the room and says, "NiKki! WHaT HAve YOU BeEN EaTINg!?!?!?"
I'm not sure why, but I immediately turned red, like I was guilty or something. Like I had just in her office, pre-weigh-in, ate an entire cherry pie that was meant for orphans or something.

I did manage to stamper out something sounding like a combination of huh? and what? and why?
It came out sound like, "Huwhawhy?"
Apparently I had gained 9, that's 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9...9! pounds in 5 weeks. I felt like I was on the biggest loser and I was the loser! I started going into this unrehearsed diatribe about how I work out 4 to 5 days a week, which is true and telling her how I have this rule- if I did not eat it before I was pregnant, I don't eat it now. This means no chocolate cake for dinner, no candy bars, I don't consume an entire bag of chips before doing previously mention workout. I honestly have been just as healthy as I was pre-pregnancy in the food department.

After I was practically in tears and out of breath from the (long winded) unplanned diatribe, she confirmed one of my greatest fears since I found out Josh was a whopping 10lbs 6oz. She told me Parker probably hit a growth spurt and he may very likely be on his way to 10 pounds.
Holy God!

I asked her if slim fast and maybe some crazy form of the Atkins diet would help. She called me silly and sent me on my way.

However, before she quietly ushered the crazy (fat) pregnant lady out of the office (read: me) she did give me a tracking chart. I have to track Parker's movements over the next few weeks. It's a normal thing, nothing is wrong (with the exception of me now weighing the same as a large tuna), she just wants to see what he is doing in there.
He has 10 hours to make 10 movements. The 10 movements typically only take him about 2-3 hours to complete. So now, I get to monitor every single movement.
I have never been more aware of the goings on in my mid-section as I have been for the past week. I hope I do not have to do this until the end.
He typically moves a bunch in the morning, slows down around late afternoon, and picks it up again in time for me to go to bed!

Good news: Last week I also had a dentist appointment (this was pre-OB appt). My dentist told me I have healthy gums. He said most pregnant women develop some issues with theirs, but mine are in tip-top shape. Great. What every woman longs for. Healthy...gums.

Anyway, we are moving right along with this baby thing and we get more and more excited as we blow through another trimester. Oh? Didn't you hear, I am in the third trimester!! Less than 3 months from my due date!

(Another true confession: It was 10 pounds, not 9. Sweet Jesus, bring on the mumu)

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