Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Get Low

Subtitle: Let the pampering begin!
I had a doctor's appointment yesterday.

When my OB's assistant asked if I had any questions or issues I wanted to discuss with the doctor, rather than smiling and politely saying, "Nope, all good." like I would typically do in a typical non-pregnancy visit so as not to waste my doctor's time, I told her about two issues I have been having. Since my doctor's appointments in the last few moths have really focused on the baby I feel they are not typical and therefore require honesty, no matter how awkward or gross I may feel verbalizing some of the things happening to me. (I use the term "me" loosely at this point. Don't misunderstand, I love being pregnant, but it's amazing how little control you have over yourself- bladder, emotions, hunger, fatigue, gas etc.- at this point.)

Anyway, back to the OB's office. Two distinct things have been happening. One is very common. I will briefly explain: Occasionally I get this pain where my leg meets my hip. This happens when I am standing or walking for too long. I have been in the middle of a walk with Abby and had to basically limp back to my car because it hurts so much. Let me tell you, a limping pregnancy lady with a panting dog gets a lot of sympathy looks, however no one has ever offered help...interesting. This is a normal pain and is caused by stretching ligaments and goes away after I sit down for a minute.

The other pain is something I have not had, nor have I missed, in the last few months. (Pregnancy = no period = h-e-a-v-e-n!)
I have been having these menstral-like cramps. There is no pattern to them and I can go days without having them, but then out of no where, I will have one or two in a day. As soon as I said this the OB assistant, she seemed to get kind of nervous and told me the doctor would need to check to make sure I was not going into early labor. (Before I continue, I'm not going into early labor.)
However, the doctor did say that Parker is sitting very low. She could feel his is the gross, but amazing factor, I could feel her feeling his head...if that makes sense, I'm trying not to get too graphic here. She felt his little head with no trouble. She immediately said, "Ok so, no more working out. He is too low and you are 33 weeks. We need to get you to 35 safely. If/when you get to 36 weeks and if you went into labor we would not stop it at that point. It's too early right now." I want to make sure you did not miss a very important part of her statement. I am 33 weeks pregnant. If/when I make it to 35 weeks-which is 2 weeks away- and go into labor, they would not stop it. THEY. WOULD. NOT. STOP. IT. ---2 weeks...

Anyway, I'm suppose to sit still as much as possible.

Sit still.

For long periods of time.


Have you ever been to the beach with me? I'm good for about 30 minutes of sitting still and then it's all over.

I am allowed to walk my dog, but that is about it, physical activity speaking.
Poor Josh.
For many many reasons.

*Note: I am not dilated at all, Parker is just very close to the exit.

I have another appointment with her in 2 weeks and she will let me know if I can start working out again, or if I need to just maintain my Abby-walks only activity level or maybe even less. I am not on bed-rest (THANK GOD), but I am suppose to just take it easy.

I will keep you all posted. If I am put on bed rest, expect many blogs about random things and what ever Abby happens to be doing that day, which is typically sleeping, also, something I do not do well- sleep. Not necessarily because of the pregnancy, I am just not a sleeper, never have been. Josh is. Let's hope Parker has my good looks and brains and Josh's ability to fall asleep in minutes and stay that way until I deem him ready to wake up.

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