Monday, May 19, 2008

Not about Parker, but still entertaining

Ok, ok a little tidbit about the baby:
Although Parker is sitting pretty low and Josh has me on some form of bed-rest that still allows me to do the laundry, but forbids me to walk Abby to the mailbox, everything is moving right along nicely. We are getting a sonogram today to see exactly how low he is and what else, if anything, is going on in there.

The real reason I write today though is to let you all in on some other news, Josh got a new job! He is leaving Booz Allen for Wyle Laboratories. He applied for this job sometime between Thanksgiving and Christmas last year. He has had a ridiculous amount of interviews and phone calls with this company. Some of the phone interviews bordered on them asking him his favorite color and what he preferred on his pizza. Basically we got the impression they were stringing him along, but Josh has a friend who works with the company already and he loved the job. It was through this guys encouragement only that Josh entertained these strange "Getting to know you" phone interviews.

Finally about a month ago, the friend called Josh and said, "I can't tell you why just yet, but you should get down on your knees and thank me." When Josh told me this, I asked him if there was more to their friendship that I should be aware of.

The company finally called Josh and asked him to come in so they could make an offer.
He went.
They offered.
He did a back flip in the office and kissed everyone in the room.
He accepted the position. It's more money, more responsibility and he has an overall good feeling about it, which makes me feel SO much better. He HATES his job at Booz. It's very corporate and in a typical day the phrases "proactive" "team-player" "go-getter" "think outside the box" and "grab the bull by the horns" are uttered every hour seemingly on the hour. Very Office Space, minus the TPS reports, although I am sure they have something equally as annoying.

Now, I have no idea what Booz Allen Hamilton is or what they do. I have about the same amount of knowledge when it comes to Wyle Laboratories.

I do know for sure though that Josh will really be getting a chance to use his mad skillz managing and directing some punk-asses through some government project.

I also know this new job is pretty much located a mile away from his current job. When he went into his boss's office at Booz the boss asked where Josh would be going. For reasons neither of us are aware of, nor do we expect to ever figure out, Josh blurted out, "Nik and I are moving to the Eastern Shore." (We are not. We talked about it, but we are not.)

So for the last week or so (and for the next week until he is officially out of there) they have been asking Josh various questions about his new life on the Eastern Shore. Rather than brushing the comments off or down playing the whole thing, Josh is answering the questions as if we are picking out buckets and shovels for our waterfront property. He is actually proud of how well he is answering them. He made up a story about how we are going rent out our house. When they ask what he will be doing for a job he replies, "I've got something lined up." They probably think he has lost his marbles or is going to be selling drugs to teenage vacationers this summer.

Ummm, also, remember when I said this new job is ONE MILE away from his old job?

He is probably going to run into some of these people at some point.

Then what?

I guess I should not be surprised. When Josh and I first got engaged he moved into the house I was already in. We has been together for about 3 years at that point and has know each other for about 6 or 7. Point being I thought I knew him pretty well. Well the first morning we were getting ready for work together, I walked into the kitchen and Josh was eating a banana that he wrapped in a paper towel. When I asked him what that was about he said, "I don't want my fingers to get all banana-y." I tried to explain to him that they come in their own natural wrappers that can prevent banana-y fingers. He said eating bananas out of the peel was awkward...some how not as awkward as eating one wrapped in a paper towel.

Given this prior knowledge, I should not have been surprised about the moving to the Eastern Shore response.

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