Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Trials and Tribulations of Bedrest: Week #1

The title is a bit misleading. There have been few, if any, tribulations throughout the first week of bed rest. This is mainly because, aside from a brief venture into St. Mary's County, every day is pretty much a repeat of the previous one. I live in my own personal version of Groundhog's Day, and I'm telling you it is about as much fun to live through as the movie was to watch. In other words, bed rest sounds like a marvelous idea, until you are actually living it.
Here is my calendar of events for the past week Try to keep up will ya?

Tuesday, May 27: Put on bed rest. Came home from the doctor's office, notified work, ate lunch waited until Josh got home, made dinner, watch Hell's Kitchen*, went to bed. (Bed rest or not, my week revolves around Hell's Kitchen. I am not into reality TV but I am into judgemental Brits who use the word "ballics" and can reduce men twice their own size to tears.)

Wednesday, May 28: Take a shower, eat breakfast, read, walked Abby, ate lunch, read, watch Judge Judge, wait for Josh to get home. On this day I had a special treat, my parents came down to deliver the crib and glider and took us out to dinner.

Thursday, May 29: Repeat first few steps from previous day, get a call from Josh that he forgot his wallet and his gas light came on. My mom does not know this area, so we drove Josh's wallet the 40-50 miles it needed to travel in order to get to Josh. I also bought a new trash can from Target. Repeat last few steps from the previous day.

Friday, May 30: Repeat the first few steps and the last few steps from the previous days. In the middle of the day I alternate taking Abby for short walks to the mailbox, about 50 yards away and reading copious amounts of books. Thinking to myself: You've got to be kidding me! This is still going on?

Saturday and Sunday were not so bad since Josh was around. In between trips to the mailbox and books, I have made Josh quite a few "to do" lists. Some of them pertaining to the baby, some of the for my own entertainment!

Monday, June 2: Repeat Friday. Although, Abby and I did get into a bit of a scuffle. I wanted to go read on the deck and thought she should join me. She had other thoughts. In my effort to coax her onto the deck, she headbutted me, resulting in a bloody nose. I will keep you posted if things turn ugly around here. She seems to be in better spirits today.

Things I have realized since being confined to 9458 Seagull Court:
-I will never do anything that will result in a long term house arrest. Short-term maybe, but nothing more that a month!
-I get an intense urge to cook when I am home alone. The problem is, I am then home alone with lots of food. Not good.
-I have to take a shower and get dressed in real clothes, not PJ's, everyday in order to feel like I have ended the previous day and began the next. Yes I have even blown dry my hair some days.
-I am lazy. My neighbor just had a baby girl about a week and a half ago. She is home all day and so am I. Think we have gotten together just once, just for a few minutes even? No, no we have not. We will catch each other outside when we are walking our respective dogs to the mailbox, but that is about it.
-I LOVE Chelsea Handler. She has two books out- "Hello Vodka, Are You There it's Me Chelsey" and "My Horizontal Life" She also has a show on E!- Chelsea Lately. She is real life friends with Jenny McCarthy, my other hero and mentor. If I everturn this blog into anything more than a blog, it will be partly because Chelsea is my idle.
-In about the 3 weeks or so, since I have been stripped of my work-out routine, I have become a fast reader. I have read no less than 5 in 3 weeks. For a dyslexic girl, that is damn good.
-I have an burning desire for my carpets to be as clean as possible and I am having them steam cleaned tomorrow.
-If I do not carry my cell phone and house phone with me every where I go, people assume I am in labor.

I had a doctors appointment today. No further dilation, but I was given the ok for short (1 mile) Abby walks once a day. I am having contractions although they have no pattern yet and are not painful <--words I am sure to eat in a few days/weeks time.

My aunt and uncle want to start a pool for when I am going to go into labor. My aunt says June 12, my uncle says June 16. No one thinks I will make it to July 2, my original due date. Any takers? Prize TBD--

I have a breast feeding class to go to tonight. I'm sure it will be interesting and I will report back tomorrow...while my carpets are being cleaned!

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