Thursday, June 5, 2008

Breast feeding and carpet cleaning

My carpet cleaning went well and was fairly uneventful. The most significant thing that happened was Abby and I were pretty much locked in my room because the carpets and couch were too wet to use for a majority of the day. When I finally took her outside, it was like a scene out of...well a movie where people come out of a cave into civilization after being in said cave for quite some time. Neither of us could open our eyes all the way and there was a bit of stumbling as we stepped off the porch. All is dry and clean now and we are back to living and moving throughout the entire house.

On Tuesday night I went to a breastfeeding class. I had heard that this was a good class to take and you learn a lot of useful information and a lot of that information I forgot as soon as the words left the instructor's mouth.
I had also heard that dads are welcome to attend the class. This is odd to me seeing as I will be doing the breast feeding. Josh has nipples, but you can't milk him Focker!

Friends of ours went to this class too and the wife made the husband come along. I knew she was going to make him come and about an hour before the class, I feared that I would look bad not having a husband there.
Not to worry, I had already made up a story in my head about how he would have come, but he was stuck in a meeting where he was getting a very generous promotion and his company was also going to buy us a boat.

My friend's husband ended up being the only guy there.

I just felt that it was not necessary for Josh to be there. If there was any burning important information he needed to know, I could just as easily tell him upon my return, provided I was not sworn to secrecy upon leaving the class, which I wasn't.

After attending the 2 hour class, I found there was no information that Josh needed to know in order for my breast feeding experience to be successful. It was suggested that the dads, or the PC term the instructor used- mommy's support system, could help keep the baby stimulated while mommy is feeding the baby. One suggestion was to tickle the babies feet while baby is nursing.

I do not know about you, but I sure would hate for someone to tickle my feet while I am trying to eat. I shared this information with Josh and he agreed, eating time is not tickle time. I would much rather Josh help me out by cleaning the toilet or making something for me to eat than crowding over me tickling Parker, while I'm trying to feed him.

Most of the information in the class was very useful. It is an interesting thing, breastfeeding. Whether you choose to do it or not, you have to admit that it seems like a natural thing to do, your body produces the milk, and that process starts as soon as the placenta is out. However, you have never done anything like it before in your life, (and if you have, I'm not sure I want to know about it) so although it is natural, it is new and awkward. If any one is planning on breast feeding or even just considering it, look into going to one of these classes. Leave the hubby at home so he can make dinner or draw you a warm bubble bath or whatever.

There was one interesting thing that occurred in class. We were kind of introducing ourselves and this one girl, young girl, probably 18 or 19 said a few sentences that struck me and I wished someone who would appreciated their awkwardness was there to hear them. Here is what she said:
"I go to a Christian school down the road. I tried to talk my boyfriend into coming tonight, but he wouldn't do it."
In case you are reading this in a drunken stooper or if you are not really on the ball today, I will point out the three things that immediately ran through my head:
1. She is 9 month pregnant and goes to a Christian school.
2. Obviously she is not married, which is fine, but probably not fine for someone who goes to a Christian school.
3. Is the boyfriend the father?

(I thought of this in the car a few minutes later.)
4. I wonder what kind of drama this baby is going to be born into.

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