Sunday, October 5, 2008

Cry Baby

The gym will not only not change poopy diapers, but they will interrupt a work out to tell you that your baby will NOT stop crying.

I was about half way through my work out and the day care girl came up to me and said, "Mrs. are the last mom I ever expected to have to do this for, but we cannot get Parker to stop crying."

Then she stared at me until I figured out that this meant I had to stop working out and go deal with the monkey. This actually took me a few seconds to realized because I was in denial that I was not going to get to finish my work out because my son was being a crank.

I followed her to the day care area and sure enough I found a screaming Paker with a very red face and tears practically flying out of his ducts.

I tried, unsuccessfully, to soothe him so I could resume my work out (mother of the year, I know). When I realized that he was just not having it, I packed up his stuff and shuffled out the door with my head down. The door that is literally 6 feet from where I just was with screaming baby numero uno.

He stopped crying as soon as I got outside.

I mean immediately.

I almost turned back around to resume my work out.


Instead, I continued the very short walk to the car, whereupon I put the monkey in his seat and before I walked around to the driver's side, he was sleeping.


So I drove the boardwalk near our house and walked. While he slept in the stroller.

Yes I had the stroller with me, come on!

This was a Tuesday which meant he was going to go to the sitters house while I went to school to teach. I tried to warn the sitter that he was in an ornery mood and relayed the story of the gym. At which time, monkey started laughing...he actually started laughing. When I looked at him and said, "Parker, it is not funny to get kicked out of the gym." He smiled.

He repeated this reaction when I told Josh of our gym adventure...or misadventure as it were.
(I fear for our future if he is already getting kicked out of places and laughing about it...)

I guess in the end I can understand where he is coming from, sometimes, it is just not a gym kind of day.

Above is a picture of him smiling, no doubt he is thinking about how he got us kicked out of the gym.

Below is a picture of him giving his "pound" fist. He is so hip! Do the kids even say hip, these days?

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