Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Random ramblings

1. Parker can sit up now, with minimal assistance, and is attempting to drink from a sippy cup. Lady toddlers of Calvert County watch out a stud is about to break free and he has an extra sippy cup for you.

2. I recently saw a bunch of people I have not scene in a while. These were people I went to college with and have maintained contact with most of them through facebook, so they were aware that I had a baby.
Since I was given the all clear to work out after Parker was born, we go to the gym almost every day. I would honestly say it works out to 5 days a week, sometimes 6. I am there for at least an hour sometimes an hour and a half doing everything from cardio to weights to kickboxing. I am at the weight I was prior to Parker, as I have been since he was 3 1/2 months old. Meaning I have obviously hit some sort of plateau.
Circle back around to seeing these people, I heard the following comment. Now, before I relay the comment, let me say, I know it is said with the best of intentions. However, here is the comment...
"You look great for just having a baby!"
This is usually said with a smile, scratch that it is said with a beamingly sincere grin, on the complimenter's face. I know they complimenting me, but I mean does anyone else see the disappointing part in that compliment?
If not, it's the "for just having a baby" part.
We new moms LOVE LOVE LOVE hearing that we look great, but end the compliment there for our mental health and your own safety.

3. My friend, who I have written about in here before, has a blog of her own. She updates it everyday and it is very entertaining. I am jealous of her because last time I read her blog I saw she had 9...9 followers. I have one (Big Ups Paul!). Come on people, follow me, I promise I will not lead you astray. Also, do not forget I have an email address set up for the blog-

4. When Parker was just shy of 3 months he started rolling from his belly to his back. Then he stopped. Meaning he would only go from his belly to his back, but could not reverse it. He only did this because he was pissed off that he was on his belly. HOWEVER, now Mr. Parker can roll from his back to his belly. When we put him down for the night we put him vertically on his back. When we go to get him he can be in any given position. In fact, one night he was being fussy and then just stopped. My mind of course jumped to the worse case scenario and I made Josh go check on him. I heard some scuffling noises on the monitor and then Josh appeared in our bedroom doorway and Parker's cries lit up the monitor.
Me: "What did you do?"
Josh: "He was laying on his stomach horizontally with his legs bent back and his feet in the air. So I switched him back the right way, vertical on his back."

After the explanation the monitor indicated the crying stopped again. Without me even having to say a word, Josh went back downstairs (thanks Josh!) to check on Pman. He came back with the same position report, but this time Josh did not move him. Of course I worried all night, but he slept through the night no problem.

I'm told once these little guys can sit and roll over (back to belly) crawling is soon to follow and then they get into everything. We have hardwood floors and I am sort of hoping this discourages the crawling a bit. I want him to stay where I put him. I do not want my days to turn into some sort of frightening game of hide and seek.

5. I recently posted some pictures of Pfunk on facebook of him eating waffles. A friend, she is not a mother yet which makes this question all the better, asked me if the waffle was frozen. I replied that yes, it was frozen and that who has the time and energy to toast a waffle anymore. I also mentioned that I wanted to keep his future breakfast expectations low. She suggested that be the title of my book. I agree. So if I ever turn this blog into a book of some sort I am using "Guide to Motherhood- Keeping Their Expectations Low" as my working title. Catchy and accurate, no?

6. This morning I took Parker to a reading circle at our local library. It is called Cuddle-Up and Read and it is for babies birth to 2 years old. Parker is the youngest by about 6 months. We read 2 books and sang songs- way fun for babies. I strongly suggest to any mothers or mom's to be (or dads) to see if your library has something like this. One of my favorite things about being a mom is getting to be silly and goofy and basic again. In fact, it's not that I just get to be those things, but that it is expected. It's a very cool thing to have lived for 28 years and traveled and done things and now I get to do it again with Parker.

Too cool.

7. Still
I fear for his future. Eating strained peas on a first date does not sound like it will make a good first impression.


Nancy Campbell said...

I'm telling you, I look, and can't see where I'm supposed to click to follow your blog. Am I really this dense?

Nancy Campbell said...

I'm all about the comments tonight...Owen STILL loves the frozen waffles.