Thursday, January 15, 2009

It Pains Me to Say I was Wrong

I once commented that hell is a teething baby. No teething is not so bad as I can typically give him a shot of Tylenol and a frozen waffle and move on with my day.
Hell is a teething baby who also has a cold.
I know I know, if he gets sick now, it will help him be healthier when he is older. I have to say I'd rather have an older child with a cold than a baby. At least an older child can tell me to get them soda and hand them the remote and then I can go back to reading my facebook. Now when I try to do anything on the computer while holding P-money (new nickname from my friend Spencer), he puts his slimy sick baby hands all over the screen and keyboard. Yuck.

So yeh, the kid is sick. He is, as the pediatrician said, severely congested. We have the humidifier, the nose suction thing, Tylenol, a prescription and a couple bottles of wine. We will get through this!
We were at the doc's office for his 6 month check up, despite the fact that he is almost 7 months old, whatev. He was suppose to be getting the next round of vaccines, however the extreme congestion got in the way of the shots, but not the co-pay might I add. This means that he still needs the vaccines. Bottom line: In 2 weeks I will have paid $40, just in co-pays for this kid. There was also mention that if he is still more clogged up than the DC Metro system on inauguration day, then he will have to be introduced to a nebulizer (spelling?). BOO!

On the upside, the prescription makes him poop regularly! However, the poo situations are insane and so far I have been the only one on the receiving end. I'm changing Josh's name to Dodger.

Despite his faucet nose and mucus filled lungs I still took him to Cuddle Up and Read at the library yesterday morning. This is the reading group for babies that I mentioned earlier. I kind of feel like a bad mom for taking him out in the chilly weather, but there you have it. I can't sit in the house all day with him, bored.
He's on antibiotics, it's all good.
He wore a coat and hat.
Stop judging me.

At this reading circle there is a mom who I met at Safeway one day. A friend of mine of told me that if she had to go somewhere and did not know anyone she would take me with her because I will talk to anyone. I have also been told by another friend, after an awkward conversation with a stranger in a CVS, that not everyone wants to be my friend.
I find that hard to believe!

Anyway, I met this girl and her 1 year old son Nathan at Safeway in the baby aisle in the beginning of December. I talked her into joining this reading group at the library, but then I did not really talk to her through the holidays. Then bam, she's there! Yeh! See people do want to be my friend.
Now, last week we were told the RULES OF CUDDLE UP AND READ. Yes the very fact that there are rules for a reading circle involving children under the age of 2 made me a bit apprehensive. However, I stayed and ultimately am glad I did.
One of the rules states that basically if your kid if being annoying and loud, step out and get the situation under control. Another rule is no talking among mommies. Seriously, that is a rule. There are many others involving cell phones and being on time.

They are serious about these rules.

The group is lead by Barbara, whom I liked but am becoming slightly less fond of, and her side kick, Skippy. I do not know his name, I forget it, but Skippy is what I name a male if he is kind of schlumpy and bumbly and just there. Yesterday they had not even officially started yet, I know this because we had not sung the song that kicks off the whole thing. Therefore I thought it appropriate to say hello to my new friend and her son. So, I said hello, mentioned Parker had a cough and that I liked her son's hat.
BARbra then looked around the room, but was clearly speaking to us, and said, "OK, FOcus!" and did some motion in front of her face, similar to something a parent would do to a child to say, "I see what you are doing and I want you to knock it off!"

Well, Barbra I did not like your hat or your scarf both of which had your name largely embroidered on them. I assure you, name or no name, no one would steal your tacky winter wear. Maybe you should FOCUS on your fashion BARbra! Cut us mom's some slack. We are watching Sesame Street and listening to the same sing-song toys all day. Sometimes I need to use words with actual syllables and have the person I am communicating with respond accordingly and not by drooling on my sweater!


Nancy Campbell said...

I dislike Barbara and her sidekick so much that I returned to Tuesday, home of the awesome Miss Judy and Miss Cynthia, who also have rules, but seem to like kids.

Jessy T said...

Maybe we should switch to Tuesday....

Penny said...

OH DEAR GOD what is wrong with this psycho ... I so want to go with you to this! Was she a recent member of my TR programs LOL