Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sucky Cups

I have bought, tried and now apparently collect the following sippy (or sucky as the title of this entry states) cups:
Baby Einstein- This one was one of the infamous Christmas gifts FROM SANTA..not mommy...SANTA. His highness does not like this one because, and I'm guessing here because he is a man of few words, the top is hard and his little baby nose hits it when he attempts to drink. I fear this is a problem that will plague him throughout his life as I have this same problem due to the size of my large Italian nose. Apparently he inherited this from me. Sorry kid.

Dr. Brown- This one I can also kind of understand, the flow is kind of faster than he is used to. Yes, much like all medicines and foods I give the monkey, I also test his sucky cups. Honestly, at this time, this cup is not my fav either.

Nuk- This one was also a gift from SANTA. The top of it is very similar to that of the nipple, still hate that word, of a bottle. He was into for about 2 or 3 weeks and then for no good reason he started hating, no loathing, no filling with rage from the depths of his soul at the pure sight of this cup. Catching a glimpse of this sucky cup will send him into a screaming fit that would put any horror movie hobag to shame.

Advent- I just bought this today. They come in packs of 2 for about $8, making them the most expensive in my collection. He was ok with this for for a few sips, but then lost interest.

Take a toss- These are basically slightly glorified tupperware in rainbow colors. They, like all the other sucky cups, are spill proof and cost about 50 cents each. I got them at my baby shower in May from some lovely guest. Do I even need to say this next sentence? These, OF COURSE, seem to be acceptable for now, but still he will not drink more than an ounce and a half out of it before swishing up his face and arching his back in a temper tantrum fashion.

The advent cup I bought today was an impulse buy. I heard good things about them and needed to go to Babies R Us anyway to return some safety items. No, we have not decided against being safe, but we bought something for keeping cords out of Parker's reach and it didn't work out. Josh and I decided we needed to step up the safety precautions the other day when Parker was wondering around the living room in his walker and realized he was at the perfect level and could very easily reach the TV cord, plug and outlets. I put those plastic things in the outlets and redid the cord situation, so all is well in that area. While I was at the baby store I also bought a few other safety items including those things you put on doorknobs so the rugrats can't open the door. I knew I needed these because every time I flush the toilet he laughs.

Sidenote: So he laughs when I flush the toilet, but cries when I vacuum. This makes me realize how much I go to the bathroom and how little I vacuum. Both are depressing realizations.

Anyway, I fear the things I will be fishing out of our toilets in the very near future. That was until I bought these doorknob covers. HOWEVER, after putting the covers on the bathroom door, I realized that the door can be opened simply by pulling, not necessarily turning, the knob. Which means the knobby turning protectors thingies are null and void. Which means I'm guessing I should just start unraveling some coat hangers now, so I can snake out whatever Parker tries to flush. I'm guessing the first thing he will begin flushing are those damn sucky cups!

Sidenote: While at the baby store, I was chatting to a very pregnant lady and found out she has a 10 month old little girl and is due next month. That is a very scary thing and should not be biologically allowed. <>

Updates: He is sitting by himself. He is still toothless. He is no longer sleeping through the night. I am here to tell you, just because your little precious starts sleeping through the night does not I repeat NOT mean they will continue to sleep through the night. Sorry to discourage, but the air was let out of my balloon rather quickly with this discovery and I do not want you to suffer the same fate. Enjoy the full nights of sleep, for they too shall end.

But I hope they come back. Soon.

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