Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Deep Thoughts and a Retraction...

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Retraction concerning Yo Gabba Gabba: So, it seems Psizzle is a fan of this crack-induced show. I turn it on and he stops where he is and watches the TV in a silent, uninterrupted hypnotic trance. They do promote useful lessons such as, not biting your friends and the importance of waiting in line. I don't want my son to be the jerk kid in pre-school thereby setting the stage for his future social life (or lack of) in the coming years causing him to be ignored, ridiculed and labeled thusly, by me and others. I kid, I kid, but I do hate when he gets in a bitey mood.
It is still not clear if the one "character" had some sort of birth defect leaving him minus an eye, nor have the STD-like body bumps been explained. This does concern me, I do not want Pmoney to think STD's are ok in our house. Bottom line, I think this show is weird, but Pfunk likes it and I am able to chop some veggies for dinner or marinate chicken while he watches the show. These reasons make the show aces in my book, we like eating dinner in the Phillips' house.

Fun News: Any time someone my age who is married says they have fun news everyone assumes they are pregnant. I am not. However, if you are curious we are thinking of embarking on that project some time at the end of next summer beginning of next fall. Why do people want to know that? I'm not a fan of saying, "We're trying." Everyone knows what you are really saying is, "We are going at it like rabbits and if we get desperate enough we will even create a schedule. Would you like a copy, so you know when not to call or drop by?"

Any time someone around my age says they have fun new and they are single or dating someone, people typically assume they are engaged. When Josh and I were dating I bought a brand new car- the aftermentioned Santa Fe. I was very proud of my purchase and I called my aunt and uncle to tell them. When I called and said I had fun news, my aunt said, "Oh, you're engaged!!!" I replied, "No, I'm not, but you just made my new car look a lot smaller."

Any time a single lady in her 40's says she has fun news people assume she got a new cat. This may not be true, maybe she just knitted her 100th sweater or maybe she just bought a new bell for her old cat's collar.

Our fun news is we are building a house! Our settlement date is January 29, 2010. I'm all about Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn and Bed Bath and Beyond, in a way that is only matched by a newly engaged woman. If I have a house warming party, would creating a registry be crossing some sort of line?

Babies: There is something in the water. I know like 5 people who are all due to have babies this winter. One of them is working on a set of Irish twins- baby #2 will be here about a month and a half after baby #1's first birthday. God Bless her- truly. Another one is one of my best friends, Jenn. We met when we were 14 and have been great friends since. Jenn and her husband started trying to have a baby around the same time that Josh and I got pregnant with Parker. She wants to be a mom so much and after a long road, she final sees a light at the end of that tunnel. Congrats Jenn and Brian, February can't come soon enough.


Tina said...

Yay new house!! Yay Jenn! Happiness all around! :)

Nancy Campbell said...

I am so excited about your upcoming houseness.

I know what you mean about the baby thing...I know several people who are embarking on #3--either adoption or starting up IVF. This makes me a little sad, because we're done, but they are not. It's like they will know something I will never know--what it's like to have 3 kids.

I believe you've just become my shrink.