Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today is Wednesday, which means we are three days deep into this week- the week before Thanksgiving.

I have had a naggy, can't get it out of my head, frustrating type thing happen every day this week.

Monday- P had a very high fever last Friday and Saturday. When it broke on Sunday he got some weird rash thing, so on Monday we went to the doctor to make sure everything was on the up and up. Incidentally, every time Psizzle now sees the doc, he screams, cries and is generally pissed because he is sure she is going to stick him with yet another needle. Everything is fine with Pman. She said this rash is how some kids' systems react to their first high fever. No worries. Not contagious. As you were.

By the time we left the office it was too late for the gym, but too early for the next thing in our day, so I took P to the beach to play and kill some time (and energy).

He went over to a little girl about his age and picked up a shovel that was not being used. I asked the mom if it was ok. She said, in a snappy tone, "Is he sick?" I said, "No. We actually just came from the doctor and he got a clean bill of health." She said,"....ok...." I get the Swine Flu hype and everything related to the hell that is a sick child, but what, do you not believe me when I say my son is not sick?


I let the weird tension pass with the stranger as our kids ate sand together. Finally the other mother mentioned that her daughter's pants were too big. I make some lighthearted comment about needing baby belts. She replied, "Ha, yea. That would be neat if, you know, they weren't a choking hazard."

I do not see a friendship in our future.

Tuesday- I was at the Grocery Store Schmoregesborg with Pfunk near the yogurt. I was singing a made up song about the yumminess of yogurt. This lady said, "Oh isn't it so good! This kind is my favorite!" 

Looking back I should have just said yes, grabbed some yogurt and rolled out.  I did not though.

Instead, I replied, "Actually, I don't like yogurt, but he does. I can't deal with the sourness of it." She told me I needed to get over it and that yogurt was some kind of power food and that if I take a lot of antibiotics, I need to eat more yogurt because medicine strips your body of nutrients. I said, "Huh…" and walked away. Do I look like someone who takes a lot of antibiotics?  If so, perhaps this is something a day at a spa could cure, which sounds worlds better than yogurt, to me.

Wednesday- I have a student, who due to his own laziness and lack of awareness of the world around him, is failing my class. Let's say you sign up for a class called, Learn to Fish, wouldn't you expect that at some point you would have to actually fish? Wouldn't you expect that if you did not fulfill this requirement there is no way the teacher could give you a passing grade? When you found out you were going to get an F in Learn to Fish, would you then send an email to the teacher stating, "Yea, I know how I'm going to proceed. I'm not going to take any more classes you teach."

Hypothetically speaking, if I were that teacher, I would say, "Thank you! You are too much of an idiot to take any of my classes. Also, no one cares that you are a professional floor hockey player. I'm not even really sure what that means."

Hypothetically speaking of course.

I hate when these kind of things happen. My mind cannot let them go for some reason. It's not really that I wish I had responded differently, but negative interactions really have an impact on me. To combat this blah-ness I am listening to Christmas carols on my TV. Right now it's "Two-Step 'Round The Christmas Tree" by Suzy Bogguss- you know that old classic right? Bogguss, indeed. (I swear I did not make that up.)

This is my favorite time of year, between Halloween and New Years Day. I like the chill in the air, the homey smells, the general cheeriness of it all- I just hope that writing these thoughts down will get them out of my head and I can enjoy this time of year.

In other news, I need 2 more followers by next Thursday to reach my arbitrary self-imposed goal of 25 followers by Thanksgiving.   Read. Enjoy. Share!

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Nancy Campbell said...

Oh, Good Lord. Is it something in the water? People and their dumb, misinformed, not-needed opinions. A pox on all of you.

I'll bring cake tomorrow to remedy this.