Saturday, November 14, 2009

100th Post!

This is officially my 100th public post! Some part of me is surprised it took this long, another side of me is telling the previous side to shut up and enjoy this small accomplishment. A third side is pointing out that I still need 3 more followers to reach my 25 by Thanksgiving goal. A fourth side wonders if it is too early for wine.

Until I realized this was my 100th post, I was planning on calling this entry, Grocery Store Schmorgesborg.

Pfunk's trips to the grocery store have gotten more interesting (read: challenging) as he gets older. If you did not read the blog when we took Psizzle on his first grocery store trip you can read about the adventure here. Basically the trip involved a sleeping P in the baby holster thing, a nervous me and a frantic Josh. We left the store without making a scene and forgot nearly half the items on our list. Productive? I answer with a confident yes.

More recently though, P takes on a more active role during the grocery shopping ventures. Well, any venture really that involves a cart.

When I was younger, 10-ish, my mom would take me to the g-store with her, give me one of those little red riding hood type picnic basket things, a few coupons and send me on my way through the store to find bargains. When my basket got full, I would find her, unload the coupons and goods and stock up with more coupons and head back out. Looking back I realize I was a real sucker.

Aside from the sheer safety hazard of letting my child roam freely in the local g-store, there is another reason I do not foresee myself doing with with Pmonkey when he gets older. That reason is because he will eat all the food before he has a chance to unload the goods into the mother cart. No pun intended.

Even now, everything I put in the cart needs to pass the Pman slobber of approval. Food stuff or not, P needs to bite it, sniff it, kiss it (?), and generally destroy it thereby leading to my HAVING to purchase said item. He once picked up 2 granny smith apples and nibbled them both. I hate granny smith apples, but I came home with two of them that day.

If I buy anything in a box like pasta or rice by the time I reach the checkout line it looks like a gang of field mice attacked the boxes in my cart.

I bring him a cup of his own juice and a container of his own snacks, into the store with me every time, but they are not good enough. He prefers that I pull something off the shelf, even if it is the same damn thing that I brought from home and he still has plenty of, and open it right there in the middle of the store and give it to him.

Nearly every time we go to the store I have to explain to the checkout girl that a box/bag/bottle etc is open and to be careful and that no I do not need to return it or get a new one because I myself opened it for my demanding son. I say all this as P tries, desperately, to pull at the York peppermint patties or gum or batteries, or whatever his short little arms and grabby hands can get to.

Once I bought Sun Chips. Thankfully they are in one of the last aisles at the g-store. I threw them on the top of the cart figuring I could make it to the check out, and if I distracted Pmonster with some cheese, perhaps the chips would be safe. I did make it to the checkout, but as soon as I put them on the belt, he pulled them off. Finally, after a couple rounds of this fun new game, we paid for our stuff and got to the car. For reasons I still do not understand, I put the grocery bag containing the Sun Chips next to Pmoney's car seat. In the short ride home he managed to pull the chip bag out and OPEN IT!

Grocery store shopping is now a full contact sport in our house. You will sweat and there may be tears from everyone involved, but I promise when we home, he will not eat any of the things that were so tempting whilst they were in the back of the cart.

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