Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spider P

Parker was sick last week. Now, like good, dutiful parents, Josh and I are sick and Parker doesn't give a crap. When he was sick, I sat on the couch with him in my arms, neglecting the gym and watching copious amounts of Sprout. By the by, The Wiggles are just wrong- not in a Yo Gabba Gabba kind of way, more in a your hair is gray and you look like middle aged idiots sort of way.

P drank juice. I did not make dinner. He coughed. I worried. (He once had bronchitis and I kept putting off going to the doctor because I did not want be one of those mothers. Poor P!) His nose ran, I wiped- you know the drill. Below is a picture of a sick Pmonkey who was so NOT in the mood for a photo shoot.

Day Two: Why is it when kids are coughing up internal organs, they still feel the need to climb?  Why can't we eat chicken noodle soup and watch movies?  Incidentally, one of his favorite words is up.  While he was climbing the chair he was chanting, "UP UP UP UP UP"  It's not the least bit annoying...

Day Three: After successfully figuring out how to climb the chair without assistance, he has found a new favorite spot.  That spot is on top of the table.  I'm thinking he likes the vantage point this perch gives him.  Our house is sort of U shaped and from this table located in the corner, he can see all. Also, this is a good place to throw things at the dog- leverage.  Poor Abby.

Day Four: This is one of the Monster TV's Josh bought,  for the new house,on Black Friday.  Since it is roughly the length and width of our entire wall, we are not opening it until we move.  Psizzle sees, or saw rather, this as his newest climbing challenge.

Challenge: COMPLETE

I ask, have any of you ever been up for a climb when your sinus are full of snot?  I've been coughing like an old man for the last 72 hours, I think I need higher altitude.
This boy is cra-Z

Here is proof that he is feeling a-ok now. Although, he did shrink. This is actually a bowl of Trix cereal. Just kidding! With aid from the humidifier, a Vick's plug-in thing and some saline solution and nose suction thing, P is a-ok. Also, a good friend suggested that I rub baby vicks vapo rub on P's feet and then put his socks on. The idea is this would help with his cough. I'm not sure if this sped up his recovery, but it was funny just the same and P laugh every time I rubbed the goop on his feet. The giggle alone was worth it. I highly recommend this remedy.


Mad Mrs. E said...

Parkay is just now climbing on the dining room table? Milo has been doing that for months. Parkay must be a tad slow. Or lazy. Either one. J/K! Glad to see he's feeling better! Wishing you a "speedy recovery" as well!

Nancy Campbell said...

That last picture is precious. What a guy...separated at birth from Joel? That kid is always climbing on stuff too.

I'll keep the vapo-rup on feet trick for when the boys need a smile.

Get better soon!