Wednesday, December 2, 2009


In our quest to fill our new house with shiny new items, Josh took it upon himself to purchase 2 new TV's and our washer and dryer. I specifically picked out the washer and dryer and emailed him links, so I know exactly what they are and everything about them.

I have no idea what the TV's look like, how big they are or any special features they may have. Oh, Josh told me, but really...huh?

Will it turn on?

Can I watch Glee, Modern Family, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and...One Life to Life (still immensely embarrassed that I watch this on the regular)? Yes, you say? Great!

High Def..wha? Blu Ray? Who's that a new jazz singer?

Honestly, I would not even care if the new TV's were black and white. One of my all time favorite shows is I Love Lucy and I'm sorry, I know they have colored version of the show now, but I refuse to watch it that way. There is something very...easy and traditional about black and white shows. Why mess with it?

Growing up we did not even get cable until I was about 12. My younger sister spent the better part of that first year watching all things Nickelodeon. Seriously, she had a little pop-up tent thing and she would camp out in front of the TV, mesmerized and hypnotized. She was even willing to forego trick or treating one year because she entered some Nickelodeon Halloween raffle thing. The Nickelodeon people were going to call your house if your name was drawn. You had to say something ridiculous into the phone like, "Nick or Bust!" or “Nick or Treat!” then your name would scroll across the bottom of the screen and you won some thing.

I'm not sure what the real prize was, and here is why. My parents saw their pitiful 6 year old daughter sitting by the TV one hand on the phone, the other blocking the remote from possible confiscation. She was like that radio contest obsessed uncle in the Demi Moore and Jon Cusack hit One Crazy Summer. I'm pretty sure she was foaming at the mouth and possibly sweating- I can't say for sure though because I was out trick or treating like a normal kid.

Mom and Dad had a friend of theirs call Lynsey and tell her she won. They then bought her something Nickelodeon and mailed it to her. I'm not sure how they explained why her name did not scroll across the TV screen, again, because I was out being normal. I’m guessing they distracted her with candy I had just brought home. Her three loves at that point were Nickelodeon, all things candy and soccer.

Just to finish out the story, until about 5 or so years ago, Lyns actually thought she won. It was one of those things she would tell people, "I never win anything, except this onetime..." I'm not sure how she found out the truth, but she will tell you it still hurts a little to know she was not an official winner.

When I was in high school, my parents put one of their old TV's in my room. I was excited at first- my own phone (no one called), a stereo (with record player, 2 tape decks and a separately attached CD player!), a desk and then a TV!- it was like an apartment...or something. I ended up taking the TV out. It was just too cluttered for my liking.

So here we are with 2 huge TVs, I'm guessing here as I have not actually seen them, for our new house. Josh is excited, so I'm happy for him. I'm sure the High Def WiFi DVR DVD BluRay monstrosities will be truly amazing and generally awe inspiring.

I do have to admit, DVR is the BEST B. E. S. T. thing ever- TV accessory wise

Now, get me in a Bed Bath and Beyond with my many 20% off coupons parents better be on hand to distract me with candy should I get a little out of control. And I will get out of control. And it will likely be more than just a little.

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Nancy Campbell said...

My parents didn't get cable until my brother and I were out of college.