Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bears Repeating

Confession: This is an unoriginal, but entertaining, blog topic.

I would not classify Parker as a picky eater. He does not like chicken as a general rule (weird, I know, but not picky there are plenty non-chicken related foods. I admit chicken nuggets/tenders are popular among the kid population and if he liked them things may be a bit easier, but Pman says no to nuggets.)

He can handle food that is a little spicy, but if something is too spicy he makes a hurty face and tries to scratch the hot off his tongue.

Psizzle will not eat the same thing two days in a row, unless that thing is fruit loops, in which case there is never enough.

Dips of any variety are right up his alley, but ONLY if you let him do the dipping. He has no interest in you dipping his food for him in an effort to keep things sanitary. He wants to do it his own darn self, so back off.

Broccoli is fine, but only if it is plain. No and I mean no cheese sauce. And NO peas ever. Don’t try to put them in soup or pasta. He will find them and pick them out. Sort of ironic, no?

He likes fruit.

Well. He likes fruit while we weave in and out of the produce section at our local Giant. Once those goodies are in the car they begin to lose their appeal (ha! get it? a peal?). By the time they have made it all the way to our fridge they are downright vile and don't you dare even cut up an apple and put it on his plate in the morning!

Today at the store, he reached, stretched and whined in the general direction of the strawberries. I search through to find the least moldy plastic container and put it in the cart.

More stretching, reaching and louder whining from Pfunk.

I pulled out a large steriodberry from the container and gave it to him. I wipe it on my sweaty gym shirt first. That means it's clean and sanitary, right?

An old lady, who I otherwise would have instantly liked because she sort of reminded me of my Magraw, said, "He shouldn’t eat that. You really should wash it first."

I muttered back, "Well you do what you do and I'll do what I do."

Harsh I know, but I mean really. I see people do dumb stuff on a daily basis. I hear people at the gym exchange a series of untruths and falsehoods disguised as a conversation, and do I correct them?


I figure they are either dumb and not worth my time, or maybe they are just trying to get through a workout and get home for a nice glass of wine.

I know the fruit is not as clean in the store as it will be after I get it home and wash it (and then let it rot in my fridge for a week).

My son wants a strawberry over a cookie, so I'm taking this opportunity and running with it. It's healthy and will keep him quiet. Yes, I know he is trying to digest the green stemmy part, I am ok with it and I promise to not call you with a report when he inevitably poops it out.

Finally, P will be 2 in about 15 days. He loves to "cook". Just today when we got home from the beach and were de-sanded as best we could be, he looked at me and said, "cook?!"

Sure thing. Happy to oblige my little Pmeister.

My sister got P a kitchen for his birthday. When she went shopping at Toys R Us for the kitchen, somehow the salesMAN found out this kitchen was for a boy. He commented that my sister and mother were in the wrong aisle as that they were looking at kitchens which were, of course, a girls toy.

My mom said something about Gordon Ramsey being able to kick the salesman's ass and that was that.

I mean really. A girl toy?!


Mad Mrs. E said...

wait-wait-wait -You're supposed to WASH the strawberries before you eat them?

so next you're going to tell me to turn the light off and on 27 times before I can leave the house, right?

well, hopefully he doesn't get hand/foot/mouth disease from...


BTW, I'm totes offended by the lack of chicken in his diet.


Nancy C said...

The best toy I ever got Owen was a kitchen. Still plays with it daily, as does Joel. It's a manly blue, but seriously, what decade are we living in that this would be an issue?

People need to shut their pieholes.