Friday, June 4, 2010

Idle Time

There has been a mysterious diaper ambush in the Phillips house.  I will post the only known photos here on this public domain.  If you have any information or leads, please contact me immediately.  A reward of fruit snacks and cheez-it awaits you if your information leads to the guilty party.
Thank you and God Speed.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B-1 A close up.  Foyer                                                  Exhibit B-2 A full view. Foyer


The only known suspects.  We here at the Phillips Family headquaters admit these shots are a bit blurry, but we feel these are the best shots available to us at this time.  We believe the suspects may have been working together on this job.

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Nancy C said...

Oh my gosh! When you have another kiddo it will be THREE vs. you two. I never thought about it, but of course the dog would be an accomplice!