Tuesday, July 13, 2010


*Update: All the babies in my life, including the one mentioned in my previous post, are present, accounted for, healthy and home with their respective mommies and daddies.

This is likely my last post as a 20-something. For on Friday, July 16 I will turn 30, which is 100% a-ok with me. In fact, when I was 19, I just told people I was 20 because to me 19 sounded so lackluster. I’ve always been a bit ahead of schedule.

A list to celebrate my birth:

1. I have some gray hairs and I am ok with it. I cover them up with whatever dye-in-a-box is on sale, but I am ok with the gray. Incidentally a friend of mine who is blonde once asked me why I dye my hair from stuff out of a box. Oh blondie- when those of us with dark locks sprout not so dark locks, we must cover them post haste and this bloggers budget can't keep up with salon prices. Sadly.

2. I can hold my head up proudly and say I do not like “The Eagles” (the band or the team) nor do I like “The Who”- Josh says this makes me un-American.

3. My 20's brought me the following joys:

• Parker
• Marrying Josh
• Buying our family's house together
• Having a job I actually like
• A Masters degree
• Post undergrad cross country trip
• My first (hopefully of many) trip to Europe
Birkram Yoga
Body Wraps
• Wine
• A love of all things pedicures
• Guacamole
• My love for ice cream was replaced by intense feelings for all things Italian Ice
• Running- I won't say I love it, but it's a darn good workout
4. What I hope to achieve in my 30's:

• I want to go to a Van Morrison concert

• Visit Italy, Greece, Ireland (again), and any other place that will have me

• Continue to encourage Pman (and any subsequent kiddos) to become happy people

• Possibly purchase an actual minivan- I'm still not sure I can actually do this. I am due for an updated  vehicle. I told Josh (and now you lovely people) that I want a SUV, but I feel like- how can the Minivan Lover purchase an SUV? It's like I am some kind of fraud.

• I desperately want to do one of those zip-line things over the treetops of a jungle

• Drink good wine (or at least decent wine) with the people I love and the people who love me, (Sometimes, if I'm lucky, there is a lot of overlap in these two groups.)

• Work on being more patient, with myself and others

• RUN 6+ MILES IN THE BALTIMORE MARATHON as part of a relay team. I want to run it all without stopping.

• Perfecting my homemade guac recipe

5. If my 30's at least match my 20's, I will be in a very good place.

What did you think I was going to do a list of 30 things? Please, I'm already getting annoyed with myself.

Thanks for reading!


Nancy C said...

Let's do the zip-line together! Then we'll drink wine.

Lynsey said...

Nikki! I have to say, I cannot blame you for your not liking the eagles, kinda, but the who? i have to agree with josh a little :)

and btw, you should totally get one of these:
it's a volkswagen minivan! and it's awesome- I saw one the other day and they're sick.

and also btw, your bday pres shipped today :) i hope you like it because, unlike some of it's tackier counterparts which I really liked but wasn't sure if You would, i got it cuz it's pretty just like you.

The Empress said...

Hi, followed you over from a comment you left that cracked me up re the crab craft at the library. Ir emember those days....oh, if I could just do it over and get my life right.

SO nice to meet a real mom, like you!

ModernMom said...

Oh I love your lists! I am now...gulp 39 and have so much to do before my 40th birthday. Europe is one of those things!

Happy Birthday from your newest follower:)

Mom said...

Happy Birthday, Nikki! I hope you get to do everything on your list. I am very proud of you for all of your accomplishments (even that body wrap thing). I love you very much