Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gender Predictions and Other Falsehoods

Update: Two posts ago I wrote about falling out of P's bed.  I had a rug burn on my knee. The other day P saw it and said, "Mommy boo boo.  I kiss it." Then he ran upstairs, got a jar of Vaseline, came back downstairs with it and smeared about 3 tablespoons worth on my knee.  THE SWEETEST!!!

Now that I know I am having a girl, I can say the Chinese Birth Chart predictor is 0 for 2 with the Phillips family.  According to the chart Parker was suppose to be a girl and Peyton was slated to be a boy.
A few weeks ago, I took this gender prediction test online.  I had Josh running all over the house fetching thread from which to hang my wedding ring and other seemingly random household items. 

I answered questions about the size and shape of my belly (huge and lumpy. Confession: I do not have a pretty pregnant belly.  It is large, white and there is a bump that runs east the west the entire girth of
my ever expanding abdomen). 

More questions about what I was craving- turkey sandwiches with tomato and avocado and any form of salad. Apparently girl babies crave sweets and boy babies crave salty.  For me, the opposite is true.

Where I carry the bulk of my pregnancy weight- everywhere.

The results came back as 48% chance the baby was a girl and 52% chance I was
pregnant with a boy. I passed this news onto Josh and he said, "So, it's a 50/50 chance we are having either a boy or a girl."

There were two tricks though that came back correct for both my babies. If you ask a pregnant lady to show you her hands and she presents them palm down, it's a girl.  Palm up? She’s having a boy. Spot on with both of my kiddos.

The other trick is if you add the month you conceived and the age you were when you conceived and get the number down to a single digit you can predict the gender.  If the single digit is even- it's a girl if you get an odd number you are having a boy. 

For example: I got pregnant in October (10) when I was 30 years old.
10+30= 40

Four is an even number, so I am having a girl!

A friend once told me if the mom is carrying a boy she glows more than usual. Her hair is luscious and thick and her nails are strong.  When mama is carrying a baby girl, the tot steals the mom's beauty, leaving the mom looking...less than in all categories.  It should be noted my friend put it much nicer.

I have to say, so far this is true.  I feel so gross.  My hair is greasy the moment it dries after I wash it.  Pre-pregnancy I could go 2 or 3 days without washing it, especially in the winter- I have a ton of hair.  My skin looks terrible.  I'm not one who usually breaks out, but I feel like my face is one big festering zit at the moment.  Seriously the Proactiv commercials are looking more and more like a reality to me right now.

My babe is growing growing growing and that makes me happy.  I'm more than half way through my pregnancy, which blows my mind.  That first trimester crept along, but I'm riding the gravy train of the second trimester and soaking it all in.


Lynsey said...

omg, i just had a turkey sandwich with avo and tomato for lunch........ that's just a good meal- pregnant or not! haha

I love that after all those predictors, you guys came up with basically a 50/50 chance lol

I hope the baby growing is going smoothly and all is well, despite feeling less than your normal attractive beautiful self :)

Mom said...

I birthed 2 girls and look at me! Could I be hotter????!!!

Nancy C said...

So funny. And I must say that that "stealing your beauty" thing has got to be the most unnecessary old wive's tale of them all. You're hot and glowing, lady!

Penny said...

MOM, you are hot :) Nikki girls are worth every bit! Even if you do butt heads with them :)

ModernMom said...

Oh how true that none of those predictors work. I was supposed to be having boys according to all those tricks. 2 beautiful girls here!

Joan said...

I had two girls too and you can hardly tell the difference between your mom and me! Living proof!!!