Thursday, March 3, 2011

Name Game

Upon finding out he was going to be a big brother, Parker told me the baby was a girl and her name was Booger.  He also told me there were two babies.

I'm over the moon excited that he was right on only one account, the baby is a girl.

Pre- finding out the gender, Josh and I struggled and I mean STRUG-GLED at picking a boy name.  We picked Peyton out for a girl way back when I was pregnant with Pman. 

When the sonogram lady confirmed this baby was a healthy girl, I would be lying if I did not say I breathed a sign of relief at not having to try to pick another boy name.

I picked my favorite- Parker.  I'm quite happy with it and it seemed like every other boy named I liked was a derivative of Parker- Carter, Conner, Trevor, Baylor- all ending in these hard R sounds.  Also, with the exception of Carter, which is the MOST like Parker, Josh hated them all.

He dated a girl in college who's last name was Conners and his rugby team lost the national title to a college called Baylor. I was really pushing for this name- we live near the bay, we are beach people and I read a book with a little boy named Baylor in it and he was so stinking sweet.

In the name game process Josh is more of a sounding board, then a producer.  I would watch the credits of every single TV show/movie we viewed in a effort to come up with a solid boy name. 

You would be surprised how many Roy's there are out there and how many of them are in the entertainment business.

In late January, on a (rare) date night, J and I saw The Fighter (LOVED IT) and came up with the name Ward, it's the last name of the main character.  Ward Phillips was our front runner and I still was not totally thrilled with that one.

Since we were able to pick a girl name without much hassle the first time we played this game in 2008, we stuck to it.  Our other thoughts were Brooke (although Josh denies liking that now) and Claire.  Frankly, I think those are a bit too girly for me. 

Peyton just clicked.  It matched the middle name Angel nicely. 

It did cross our minds that in the event baby #2 was a boy we could have stuck with Peyton, but I think Parker and Peyton as brothers sounds a bit Bobbsey Twin for my liking.  Plus if we ended up having a third baby and that one was a girl, then we used our girl name.

I'm exhausted just typing all that.

After all of this I find out there is a mom from P's school who is also pregnant.  She is due about 2 months before me and does not know what she is having.  If it's a girl, they are naming her Payton.  If she has a girl her daughter and mine will go to school at the same place at the same time.

I give up.  We like the name I am not changing it.  I have to admit, I am hoping she has a boy.

Now, I have to figure out which of the two available bedrooms my sweet Peyton will call her own.  I feel another blog entry coming...

Thank you for tolerating all of this. You are very kind people.


Jennifer said...

Ooooh could you tell me the name of the book with the Baylor character in it? That's my sweet son's name!

Minivan Lover said...

Sure! I believe it was "Ya-Yas in Bloom." I know it was one of the Ya Ya books and not the one that was made into a movie. It's a great name and the little boy is just SO stinking sweet in the book. :)