Saturday, March 19, 2011

Big Fat Me

I once worked with a girl who was very nice and was also overweight.  She told me a story of her nephew who once said to her, "Aunt Sarah, you're fat."  The precious child's mother turned to him and in a tone that can only be described as rage mixed with utter embarrassment said, "Johnny, that is not nice.  You do not say things like that."

The cherub faced tot retracted his statement by saying, "'re big."

I feel big.  Very very big.  The sweet and sour chicken with a birthday cake chaser I just snarfed down is not helping matters.

Exhibit A:

But when you produce cuties like this, I think it is worth the figure sacrifice.


Joan said...

You look great!! And yes, I agree about the cuteness factor. All that adorableness takes some sacrifice. I'd go right now and sacrifice a bowl of ice cream if I were you!

Lynsey said...

awww don't discredit or forget your ability to downsize post reception of the bundle of joy. you lost so much weight so fast after P1 by running you were like the incredible shrinking woman.. and now i run too, so you've got any and all support you'd need.. tho i know you won't need it :) love.

Mad Mrs. E said...

"Let them eat cake!" Girlfriend, you'll be back on the horse by the end of the year!

And FINALLY She posts a BELLY shot!

ModernMom said...

If it helps at do NOT look big, you look beautiful! Truly:)