Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Here on the Eastern Shore we had an earthquake on Tuesday.  I live in Maryland.  We do not have earthquakes in Maryland.  While my house shook, I said to myself, this feels like what I imagine an earthquake to feel like, but there is no way this is an actual earthquake.

It was.  It registered at about 5.8 to 6.0, depending on which news report you listened to at what ever time.  I think the official final word is 5.8.

Most of the hanging pictures shifted slighted on the walls and an ill placed air freshener fell and broke.  Other than that the devastation and destruction was minimal.  Embarrassingly minimal.

However, the quake did what all natural disasters seem to do to this area- cause a state of frozen in the headlights and, some how also, a cut and run reaction.  I heard stories of grown adults running out of buildings with such forced and speed, their shoes remained where they once stood.

People in the northern part of the country laugh at our grocery lines and school closures at the mere threat of more than 2 inches of snow. 

Floridians and the like give us the stink eye as we prepared to hunker down for the "hurricane" headed our way after their peninsula took the brunt of the blow. 

Sure Hurricane Isabel hit our area pretty hard a few years ago, but then Hurricane Katrina came in like a big fat angry sister and stomped so hard on New Orleans that years later the area still looks broken in an unfixable way. 

Izzy's wrath knocked down several run down water front beach shacks, which were replaced with million dollar water front beach houses.  Katrina victims got Drew Brees- even steven?

We have had a few tornadoes touch down and aside from ripping up a rural road and a greasy spoon restaurant, there was little evidence of the twister.

Also, why are hurricanes named, but not tornadoes, blizzards and earthquakes?

There is one thing we have over all the others though.  I recently was at a restaurant when I heard a man, who's accent told me was from New York, say, "I'm in the seafood capital of the world, so I'm getting seafood."

Seafood capital of the world huh?  I'll take it.


lynsey said...

it's a shame that the majority of people who come here under the premise of it being the seafood capital of the world go to places like hooper's, not to mention at the peak of the summertime when quality and service alike are at their shameful lowest. lol come back in the fall and treat yourself to some fresh rockfish with crab imperial :) but, yea that earthquake... *sigh* lame as it was, I'll still cross it off my bucket list. AND i thought the same as you- this is KIND OF what I imagine an earthquake to feel like... and the open sign is swaying too, so I know I'm not just drunk.

mom said...

Here's a healthy eating tip you can share. Use whole wheat buns when you're eating a chili dog!