Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have not written in a bit for a few reasons.  One of them being that I am trying to get ready for school- another year, another syllabus calendar to wrestle with.  I loathe a syllabus calendar.

The other, main reason, is things have been pretty calm around here, despite the earthquake, hurricane and nearly 3 days without power all occuring within days of each other.

When I was pregnant with P2 I was so worried and worked up about how I would possibly manage day to day life with two children in tow.  Turns out, it's not so difficult.  It's not easy by any means, but I was pretty worked up.

My kidlettes are almost exactly 3 years apart and that age difference works for me in ways that I can't explain.  I can instruct SBB to go potty, get his shoes and meet me by the front door.  In a few minutes, there he is, shoes on the wrong feet and underwear on both inside out and backwards, but he's there just the same. 

A cartoonishly big grin on his mug as he says, "Mommy.  I followin dyec-rections."

With a fussypant SBG tucked under my arm, we all head out the door to start our day.  Whatever that may entail. 

Yesterday it was the gym, where I instructed Pman to say,"Don't touch my sister."  to the other kiddos, but that it was okay for the ladies in the gym to touch her.  Then we went to Subway for lunch.  Pman and I ate and talked about the Lion King while SBG slept (actually slept!) in the Baby Bjorn strapped to my chest. 

SBB and I giggled at her as my sandwich crumbs, lettuce and a pickle slice slopped onto her fuzzy head.  SBG was none the wiser to the condiment catastrophe as she continued to snooze.

When we got home, I helped Pman out of his car seat and handed him the keys to the house.  He can unlock and open the front door all on his own.

On Tuesday, when I dropped P1 off at school, I found out he will be getting "homework" assignments this year, mostly to practice his letter writing.  I was a bit too excited about this, I will confess.  He is just growing up so much.  So fast.

Then I glanced at my squeaky little lady in my arms.  Drool running down her chin, with only one teeny foot covered by a plush pink sock, the toes on the other foot were exposed and spread out as if she were ready for a pedicure. 

She looked up at me with those long lashes and beautiful blue eyes as I clicked her in her car seat and cooed as if to say. "Thanks mom." and reminding me she is still such a wee little baby bot.

These are my days- ordinary, amazing, small things that make up big moments. 

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lynsey said...

I LOVE it when you and P1 laugh at P2's expense :) I don't know why hahaah anyhoo, loved this post!