Monday, January 23, 2012


 January 9- Pman gets a Hepatitis A vaccine booster.  SBG is diagnosed with a raging case of pink eye.  No biggie.  Little drops and let's roll on. (I know you know this, but I'm aiming for an effect here.)

January 18- Both kids were sick.  Headed back to the docs.  SBG diagnosed with bronchitis and a sinus infection- "Ears look clear though!"  Says a cheery pediatrician.  "But she'll need to be put on a nebulizer."  I do not have asthema, nor does Josh.  Prior to 1/18/12 I had no clue what hell it is to nebulize a 6 and a half month old.  The doc also suggested since Pman was coughing, but did not have bronchitis-yet.  He could be nebbed too.


BONUS! They were also both put on a diarrhea causing prescription.  Pman seems to have escaped that, but SBG's sheets and jammies have been on a constant washing machine cycle. The HOT/HOT cycle.
Throughout the week, at different times they each had low-grade fevers, but nothing too major.

January 21- We host a family party at our house because that's just how we do.  Our family does not let a couple sick kids slow them down.  Bring on the kiddo Tylenol, antibacterial Lysol wipes and cork screws- we are having a party. honestly, I had already gone to Bj's for supplies and cleaned my house.  I even changed ALL the sheets!

January 23- We were out running errands because really it's nearly been a week and they both seemed fine in the morning.  As we pulled into the driveway I looked in the rearview and Pman had big dark circles under his eyes.  I told him I would open the front door and he needed to take off his stuff and head upstairs for a nap.  He agreed- uh-oh!

As I get him out of the car and we walk up the porch he bursted into tears.  He was afraid I was going to leave SBG in the car.  He was wailing.  I have NEVER done that, so I'm not sure where that came from. 

I opened the door and he stumbled in to take off his shoes I hear the gurgle.  I turn around and he is puking on the carpeted steps.  After helping him finish up and getting SBG out of the car, he burst into tears again.
"What's wrong honey?  Are you going to throw up again?"
"No.  Cleeeaaaannnnn IIIIITttttt UUUuuuUUUP!"

On the upside somewhere in all this mess I found a WalMart gift card on the side of the road with $6 still on it- SCORE!...?

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mom said...

Whoa! A gift card with $6 left on it. I'd call it a wash then.