Thursday, February 23, 2012

Who's in Charge?

First a few status updates about the SBG- she seems to share Parker's love of pork lo mien.  She is sprouting her first tooth! She continues to be the boss of all things Phillips family, but she is becoming less of a tyrant about it. Just about four months left until we no longer have to buy formula!

A few days ago Parker was helping me cook dinner.  Josh started messing with Parker in some father/son way that is usually funny to Parker and that I will never understand.  However, when Parker is cooking, it is very serious. 
He met Josh's attempt at rough housing with a, "Daddy, go away." In a serious, but bratty sort of way.

Josh took him by the hand led him to the other room to "have a little chat."  I could not see them, but I could hear them. 

Josh and I have an agreement.  If one parent is disciplining Parker (or Peyton when the time comes) the other parents stays out of it.  We present a united front, but only one of us can be the leader. Until this agreement was in place there were a lot of toes being stepped on. 

As I hung back in the kitchen, SBG strolled around my feet in her walker and grabbed at my pants leg, I chopped onions and listened to P and J's conversation.

J said, in a stern but comforting tone, something to the effect of: "I'm the Daddy.  You cannot tell me to go away.  If you want me to stop you need ask nicely.  Okay?  Understood?"

Parker's reply in the same stern, yet comforting tone: Yes. Okay, but Daddy when I am cooking with Mommy, you need to stay out of the way.  It is dangerous.  So you just stay safe, okay.

Then Parker glided back into the kitchen with an air of, he won't be bothering us anymore.  A beat or two later Josh came in with a look of utter confusion on his face. 

A few days after this happened they were calling for snow in our area, we didn't get a single flake.  However, as the town prepared for the Blizzard of 2012 we were running errands and got stuck behind a big truck.  On the back of the truck, staring at us for the better part of an hour, was a sign that read:


DEICER?  Did they mean decider?  Maybe something about deer?  Honestly we were both stumped.  Then finally, I said, "It says DE-ICER!"  Since we had not actually said any of our internal thoughts outloud, I wasn't sure if Josh knew what it said or would even know what I was talking about, until...

"OOhhhh!.. It's needs a hyphen."

I didn't check, but something tells me Parker was either rolling his eyes or smacking his hand on his forehead- Morons.

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