Sunday, March 4, 2012

Baby Food Whisperererer

When Pman was a babe, I thought making your own baby food was for crunchy moms who did not shave their legs and practiced elimination communication

How could anyone possibly have the time to puree actually tidbits of food, spoon the food into jars and put them in the fridge?

I thought these women had too much time on their hands and were obviously neglecting their precious newborns to grind up a blender full of peas.

I was wrong.

Major wrong.

Since December, I started making all of SBG baby food.  I love it.  I know exactly what she is eating and she is getting used to the food we eat on a regular basis. 

For veggies, I buy canned veggies (typically 69-89 cents).  Open.  Drain. Dump into a blender, okay, I do have magic bullet, but not the specific baby food magic bullet. Then I spoon the puree into some baby food jars I have.

I do with same with overripe fruit.

Sweet potatoes are the easiest.  Heat the oven to 350, wash the sweetpot, stab it repeatedly with a fork, wrap in foil and toss in the oven for an hour.  If the sweetpot is for one of us, then I slice it in the middle and serve.  If it is for SBG, then I simply scoop it out and put it in a jar.  One sweetpot equals about 4 ounces of baby grub.

The biggest downfall seems to be that I have ended up with a few jars of a carrot, banana, pea combo, but SBG does not seem to mind. 

More than anything she likes to eat exactly what we are eating, Nutri Grain bars, oatmeal, broccoli cheese soup and the list goes on.

I do draw the line at meat though.  Pureeing chicken is just beyond me.  It smells.  It's yucky looking and the texture of the resulting chicken mush makes me gag.  So that I buy.  Although, she is getting some teeth, so perhaps soon I will no longer have to purchase the vileness that is strained meats.


mom said...

Put water in with the meat. It will blend and spoon easily!

Minivan Lover said...

ick. meat shouldn't "smooth"