Monday, March 12, 2012

Parker Goes to the Dentist

The first time I remember getting in legit trouble was when I was about 4 or 5 and involved the dentist.  I am not sure if this was my first trip to the dentist, but for some reason I did not want, and ultimately refused, to open my mouth. Both of my parents work(ed).  I was a middle child in a four child household.  There was no time for these games.

I left the office in tears and had to spend some time, my memory tells me hours, but I am not foolish enough to believe that, in my room alone.

I still get apprehensive about the dentist.  Cue Parker's first dentist appointment. 

The appointment was actually scheduled a bit ago, but I ended up cancelling it.  I blamed insurance issues for the cancellation and on paper that made sense, but really I was truly nervous about P's first dental visit.

From the time between the cancelled appointment and this afternoon, P and I read the Dora dentist book several times and he came with me when I went to the dentist and watched.  The hardest part was staying calm for him.

This morning we had breakfast, played a few board games then brushed our teeth.  We dropped SBG off at a sitters and headed to P's first dentist appointment. 

Up to this point he seemed very indifferent about the whole thing, but as we got closer he started asking questions about hurting and who his dentist was going to be and would he get a sticker?

He kept the smile on his face as we headed down the hall after the hygienist called his name.  He answered her questions and climbed up in the chair.  She showed him all the instruments and let him pick a few animal/color coordinated things and paste flavors. 

Then it was x-ray time.  She warned me that, "Most 3 year olds don't do well with x-rays, but let's give it a shot."

He did amazing.  He sat still with a worried, but 'let's get through this' look on his face. 

The hygienists all made a big fuss over him sitting so still and doing such a great job.

Then the dentist told us he has a cavity.  Apparently his teeth sit very close together, which looks pretty, but is a breeding ground for cavities.  He is also tongue tied, but so am I, so I am not worried one bit about that.

So we have to go back for a cavity filling, which will involve laughing gas and hopefully my ipod.

When making the appointment for the filling I asked if he will be in any kind of condition to go to school after the procedure.  I have never had laughing gas.  My only experience with it is what I have seen play out on the silver screen after a group of teenagers pull illegal hits from a balloon or something.

The receptionist assured me when the gas is provided legally by a doctor, it is then "flushed" out with oxygen before the patient leaves the office.

I choose to see his first appointment as a victory and not make a big scary deal about the cavity.

We brush his teeth twice a day, he eats very healthy save for the daily packs of gummies and mondo amounts of (watered down)  juice.  He does need to to start flossing. 

Also, in the book, Dora had a cavity, so there.


mom said...

You were 6 and I had to take a day off work for the next visit. Apparently the dentist was pissed! He told me he didn't have a lot of openings on Saturdays and had to keep a tight schedule. I hated that guy!

Minivan Lover said...

Me too! We should have known.