Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Breakfast How To

SBG here! I'd like to teach you how to eat Cheerios because you are probably doing it wrong.  Also, I'm the boss.

Step one: There are two ways you can attempt to get the Cheerios from your highchair tray to your mouth.  

Option A, involves focusing intensely on one Cheerio and pinching it tightly with your thumb and which ever other finger is easiest. Warning, this method is difficult and requires fine motor skills. 

Option B: Get your whole chubby hand moist with your own saliva, as you move through the process of eating Cheerios, this becomes easier- see below. Then place your wet hand directly on top of the pile of Cheerios, surely some of them will stick.

Step 2: Whether you choose Option A or B, then next step is the same.
SHOVE THEM IN YOUR MOUTH.  It is imperative that you use the entire fist, even if only one Cheerio is stuck to your hand/fingers/wrist.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee these methods.  I admit there are some flaws in my plan.
 Ignore the cookie.

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