Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bragging Rights

My preciously brilliant Pman has been blowing my mind with all his smartness.

On Saturday we were making a quiche (that's a breakfast pie in Josh world because "quiche sounds gross." This coming from a guy who recently grilled a pigs foot and ate it.)

I told Parker we were going to start with 5 eggs. We had some in the bowl already and he counted them, "One, two, three." When I asked him how many more we needed he said, "Two."

After we added the two eggs and mixed in the other stuff I suggested we put 2 more eggs in the mixture. When I asked how many we would have then he said, "Seven."

He did not hesitate or use his fingers to count. He just knew.

Then yesterday we were in the car and he spelled stop. He knew what he was spelling and spelled it correctly.

This morning I wrote the word "go" on a piece of paper and before I could say anything he said, "Go!"

I am just so proud of this little guy! He is figuring things out, building forts on the deck and just growing so much.

He just rocks.


lynsey said...

O MY GOD!!!! ugh i love him so much. he is awesome.

mom said...

And he's a sweetie pie to boot!