Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

I am a very traditional type of person.  I like to reflect on where I was and what I was doing this time last year, or five years ago, or who I was with last time I wore a certain shirt or drank a bottle of wine. 
On Easter 2005 I found myself home alone, I do not remember the circumstances, but there I was watching Crazy Beautiful- sobbing.  Mostly because for some twisted reason that movie reminds me of one of my sisters (if you have seen the movie I need you to know that my sister is not a drug addict and she regularly wears a bra).

About half way through the movie I called her in a misery loves company sort of way, but was met instead with her slapping me into reality with the comment, "You may be the only person to have ever cried at that movie- IT'S NOT EVEN SAD." 

In my defense, there is a hint of sadness in the movie, but nothing that justified my weeping. 

Since then, Easter has meant a bit less to me as holidays go.  I like it enough.  I understand the profound religious background and I can groove on being thankful, humble and awed by His resurrection. It's just not Christmas.

So now, this is how the Phillips' do Easter:

What our Easter wasn't
Church service on Sunday morning
Chocolate bunnies
Peeps of any sort
Lamb and/or Ham, I mean really they both seem a bit sacrilege (that's for you Lucy!)
Dyed eggs.  (Truthfully, Parker dyed two at school and made me eat them because he "doesn't like them in the shell."  Last year I was left with a dozen off colored hard boiled eggs.  No one person should consume that many eggs and it just felt wasteful this year.)
Egg hunts
Pastel puffy dresses and seersucker suits

What our Easter was
Sitting in the front yard on a beach towel.  Alternately watching Parker write his name in the driveway and SBG figure out her new sippy cup- she's a natural.
Easter baskets full of pinwheels, the wind kind not food kind, birdhouses, 1 Hershey's miniature and a small bag of Skittles. 
Chicken seasoned by Pman and cooked on the grill by Josh
A pre-Easter block party the weekend before, complete with smashed cupcakes, sunkissed faces and a moonbounce.
Joyful, yet untraditional

One of my other lovely sisters asked me to send her a picture of the kiddos in their Easter garb.
Here you go:

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lynsey said...

I loooove those little diddy bops!! and kudos to you for not making your children wear dumb shit and sit through boring church... *ahem* mom. though, she DID always come through with those sick easter egg hunts with lotto tix inside. And I did enjoy the easter baskets and family time, so she's still quite alright in my book....