Thursday, June 21, 2012


This past weekend we took our first official family vacation.  We went to a little beach town a few states away.  We picked our location purely because Pman wanted to ride a ferry. 

Leading up to the trip, which Josh and I deemed the "working vacation" I was nervous.  I just knew this wasn't going to go well.  I thought the day to day stuff would be fine, but I was overwhelmed by the sleeping arrangement.  SBG gets up about an hour before Pman and she must take at least one nap or she is down right unruly.

We boarded the ferry on Saturday afternoon and Pman was immediately in love.  The interior cabin housed booths equipped with video gaming terminals and for a dollar you got about 3 minutes of play time.  No, he did not have any of his allowance with him.

The ride was rocky and launched at exactly SBG's nap time.  Needless to say, she made a few enemies on the ride.

Once we were off the boat and at the hotel I noticed the room was small, like two people could not walk past each other without one of them having to sit on the bed small. 

Panic mode, increase.

I opened the bathroom door and saw there was no tub.

YIKES!! SBG is not a shower girl.  She ended up bathing in the sink, which Pman thought was beyond hilarious.

The bathroom itself was huge.  Huge enough that SBG's pack and play fit in it perfectly.  I unplugged the alarm clock radio from the nightstand and put it in the bathroom and ta-da! SBG had her own room.  I still wonder what the maids thought about that. 

Of course this also meant once she was in bed, no one could use the bathroom. It was a balancing act in it's truest form.

We brought food to save money, which actually turned out to be a brilliant idea.  We only had to buy dinner (and ice cream).

Pman swam and got his first taste of a lukewarm hot tub.

We went to the zoo.  Pman told us his favorite part of the zoo was the chickens.  There were not any chickens at the particular zoo.

We went to a mirror maze and amusement park at a local boardwalk. 
Pman asked me to get on a charming looking ride involving a sort of suspended Mother Goose looking thing.  As we got onto the ride I realized the goose was actually a bike.  I had the peddle the thing around a track that was suspended over a water park and a beach.  Parker was not even allowed to sit any where near the peddles.

I was sweating. SWEATING as I dismounted the goose.

On our last night I had to check my work email.  I went to the lobby and asked if I could slip behind their desk for a quick moment.  As the clerk finished up what she was working on it dawned on me that I was holding SBG who was only wearing a swim diaper. 

Those things are not meant to hold pee in. 
They are great and keeping poop out of pools, well at least somewhat good at it, but any mommy can tell you they don't hold even a thimble full of pee.

I realized time was not on my side and tried to say a thanks but nevermind to the clerk, but the she assured me she was done.  I sat in this very nice strangers chair with SBG in my lap.  I typed in my information to log into my work email and SBG peed. 

On me, my shirt (?), jeans and the clerks' work chair.

After changing into some non-urine soaked clothes, I promptly went out and bought the clerk a sorry gift.  I also had to buy myself new pants, as I had nothing else to wear home.

Every morning when SBG woke up we went for an hour long walk, which consisted of her eating banana muffins and waving at everyone, while I trudged up and down the old, bumpy sidewalks.  I did lose 3 pounds on this vaca though- nicely done!

I will say this trip was a major success. We will take the monsters out for another vacation.  For now, I am looking forward to an adults only wine tour Josh and I have planned for later this summer.---ah vacation.

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