Thursday, July 5, 2012

Cakety Cake

Parker's 4th birthday was eleven days ago.  Peyton's first birthday is today.  In eleven days it will be my 32nd birthday.
Lots of cake eating going on in this house.
Some notes to my kiddos about their specials days:

Dear Parker,
You continue to amaze me.  You came into this world defying all kinds of odds and overcoming obstacles.  The way you tackle adventures inspires me to try, do and be. I find your enthusiasm and trust in all things new, to be both frightening and comforting.  I hope your blend of carefree attitude and sensitive nature is appreciated by everyone who is lucky enough to meet you.  Thank you for showing me that it just keeps getting better.
Love ,
Pman and Uncle Andrew paddle boarding

Dear Peyton,
A year ago today, you and I were in the hospital, doped up on meds, watching some crap Judge Whoever show and eating.  I reflect back on the first day you were here, but it seems like I can't remember a day without you.  I dubbed you SBG while I was still pregnant and true to your form and damning all molds, I have changed that moniker to crazy baby lady (CBL).  You have a will and a way to achieve a goal that makes me swell with pride.  You are already so much your own person who is a messy eater and likes to play in the mud, but all while wearing the girliest of dresses.  You are gorgeous and sweet.  Knowing that I get to watch you grow and figure things out in your own special CBL way, makes me the luckiest mommy around.  You are my sunshine.

To both kiddos,
I'm not sure if a third child is in the stars for this family.  We will just have to wait and see how the cards fall.  I do know that if we introduce another child into this family, they will be met with two loving and happy siblings.  Watching the two of you play and grow together makes me happier than anything else.  I know you will not always be so in to each other, but I also know the strong foundation you are building now will help bridge the gap during less than loving moments.  You are two of the awesomest diddybops I know.


lynsey said...

awwww diddybops :)

mom said...

You are so fortunate to have these memoirs recorded this way. Your children will enjoy reading these posts as they grow older, as we do now.